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100% Freshness Guarantee
At Dalat Hasfarm, we guarantee that your floral arrangements will arrive fresh on arrival. If the flowers you receive are not fresh, we will deliver another bouquet of equivalent value at no charge.
Call us at +84 8 38 333 000  or write to us at within 12 hours of receipt, and we will make an exchange.

100% Delivery Guarantee
At Dalat Hasfarm, we guarantee following delivery schedules as specified under delivery policy.
Dalat Hasfarm will not be liable for any damages arising directly or indirectly from the late delivery or non-delivery of orders under any of the following circumstances:

  • The recipient was not present at the address given within the hours during which delivery was requested.
  • Incorrect address was provided.
  • No such person was at the given address.
  • No valid contact number was provided for Dalat Hasfarm to reasonably attempt to contact to recipient to make delivery.

Exchange Policy
A picture of your arrangement order will be attached to Delivery Note, your confirmation of receipt and quality is required. If you are unsatisfied with the floral arrangement that you receive, Dalat Hasfarm will replace the arrangement as long as the product is returned in its original and resalable condition. Request for exchange must be made within 12 hours of receipt. 
To make an exchange, simply call us at +84 8 38 333 000 or email us at within 12 hours of receipt.

Limitation of Liability
In any event, and notwithstanding anything contained herein, Dalat Hasfarm’s liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise howsoever, and whatever the cause thereof, arising by reason of or in connection with the sales and purchase order (except in relation to death or personal injury caused to the customer by the willful act or gross negligence of Dalat Hasfarm or its employees while acting in the course of their employment) shall be limited to the Purchase Price.
The customer shall not seek from Dalat Hasfarm the loss of profits, contracts, revenue or business; or indirect, consequential, incidental, special, exemplary and/or punitive damages arising out of or relating to the sales and purchase order.

Each Dalat Hasfarm arrangement is designed and delivered by our professional delivery staff. While we guarantee the delivery of a fresh, beautiful bouquet every time, substitutions may be necessary on occasion due to the seasonal nature of flowers, and flower condition.
To ensure the best services and quality, we focus on serving the Ho Chi Minh City area at present. We will announce additional cities in the near future.

General Orders
This surcharge is imposed due to the length of time required to deliver into these areas.

Districts within Ho Chi Minh City

Fee (VNĐ)

1, 3, 4, 10


5, Phu Nhuan, and Binh Thanh


2,6,7,8,11 and Tan Binh


9,12,Binh Tan,Tan Phu,Go Vap,Thu Duc, Hooc Mon, Nha Be, Binh Chanh


For special occasions such as: Valentine 14-02, Women Day 8-3, Teachers Day, Vietnamese Women Day 20-10, etc. Please place the order 72 hours prior to expected delivery time.

When placing your order, please identify the date on which your order is to be delivered. Naturally, same-day deliveries are accepted, but please refer to the following delivery schedule for specifics:


Order placed (Vietnam time)

Earliest delivery
(Vietnam time)

Monday –Sunday

00:00 - 10:00

14:00 - 17:00 same day

10:00 - 24:00

09:00 - 14:00 next day

Public Holiday (non-working days)

00:00 - 24:00

14:00 - 17:00 next working days

Redelivery Charges
For redelivery of orders, a surcharge will be applicable as delivery fee for a general order.
If redelivery is not made on the same working day or the next working day, please note that we will have to replace your order to ensure that only the freshest and the highest quality gifts are sent to the recipients. This order is chargeable at 25% discount off the original price and is applicable for all floral gifts.

Redirection Charges
For redirection of orders, a surcharge will be applicable as delivery fee for a general order .In the event that the order is cancelled after delivery has been attempted, the full price will still be payable.
Payment for charges arising from redelivery, redirection must be done before delivery.


The goal of Dalat Hasfarm is to constantly provide quality goods and excellent customer service. As such, we gather personal information (in the registration form) so as to allow us to know you better. With this information, we can then understand you better and provide a more enhanced and personalized shopping experience for you on our Internet store.

All data is collected by lawful and fair means and with the knowledge and consent of customers. Data is gathered solely through customers' voluntary input online or over the phone or filling in of forms at the shop front. Dalat Hasfarm will take all reasonable measures to ensure that information you transmit to us using this site will remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access but Dalat Hasfarm does not warrant against unauthorized access and will not be liable for any of them by any means to that information.

Personal information is kept solely for sales transactions, internal marketing and billing purposes only. Customers' consent will be sought if information is to be used for purposes other than completing sales transactions, internal marketing & billing, either by Dalat Hasfarm or any Third Party working with us in any business collaborations. We will not share your information with other parties unless required by the law and regulations. 

Our substitution policy is based on 2 simple criteria:
Get there on time
Substitution may be necessary to ensure your order arrives on time, i.e. a specific basket, vase, soft toy etc. Our florists will substitute a similar element of equal or greater value.

Make it fresh and beautiful
We use only the freshest of flowers and so will make substitutions depending on seasonal availability.
In single-variety arrangements, variety will take preference over color. For example, if we are out of 'yellow tulips', we will substitute another color of tulips, not another flower.
When substitution is necessary, our professional florists will ensure that the 'look and feel' of the arrangement will be maintained, with our florists paying special attention to overall shape, size, style and color combination.

1. Cash on delivery:
Cash on Delivery is one of the payment methods for making purchases on Dalat Hasfarm web shop where you don't have to make any advance payment. There are no extra charges for Cash on Delivery. We only collect the amount printed on sale slip.
Cash on delivery is only applied for orders in which delivery address and billing address are the same.

2. Payment Gateway:
Our payment gateway - OnePay - is an online payment portal Verified by Visa; therefore, all payments made by local and international Debit/Credit cards on Dalat Hasfarm web shop are kept secured and confidential.
We accept the following major debit and credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Local ATM cards (registered with Internet banking services)

Important notice:

  • When using online payment, please make sure your ATM card has been activated and Internet banking services active. 
  • When using online payment, you are not required to pay any extra fee.
  • This payment method is applicable only for Visa/MasterCard cards issued by both local and overseas banks.
  • All transactions are secured using SSL and Verified by Visa to ensure your information is kept secured and confidential.
  • Your order will be processed once payment has been received.
  • If you wish to have Red Invoice issued for your order, please mark “Red Invoice Request” under Payment Method upon confirming your order. A text box will appear for you to fill in the details. The Red Invoice will be sent to your address within 48 hours after delivery.

We understand your plans may change and orders may need to be cancelled. We would want to be able to accommodate your requests as best as we can.
Please note the following:

  • Cancellations are not applicable for orders which request to delivery around 12 hours (same day delivery).
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the requested day of delivery.
  • For cancellation request received less than the stipulated time, the full purchase amount will apply.
  • A special cancellation policy will apply for festive seasons like New Year, Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, International Women’s Day, Mother's Day, Vietnamese Women’s Day, and Teachers’ Day and Christmas.
  • Please email cancellation requests to us at or call +84 8 38 333 000 with your order number.

At Dalat Hasfarm, we endeavor to deliver flowers at their freshest. However, should you need to make an exchange; here are some guidelines to follow:
We are very happy to hear from you. You could call us Mondays to Sunday 8am to 5pm at +84 38 333 000. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours of your submission. At Dalat Hasfarm, we will investigate the matter and attempt to resolve within 48 hours. 
All requests should be accompanied with your order number or your contact number.